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[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Gives Mitch a "Safe Space" Solar 7 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Bombshell: FBI Found Russia Bribery, Extortion Plot In US Nuclear Industry Bronx 28 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Caribbean Hillary and the Need for Failure The Boo Man... 34 2
[Jokes] Columbia U to Pay Hillary Lots of Money For Nothing walkstall 17 0
[Miscellaneous] CA Gov. Brown Bans Pet Shop Sales Of Non-Rescue Cats, Dogs And Rabbits walkstall 29 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Judge moves Senator Bob Menendez case forward - going to trial taxed 40 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] What is Brexit in reality? goffer 48 2
[Miscellaneous] Mississippi school district pulls 'To Kill a Mockingbird' because it 'makes peop walkstall 20 0
[MSM Distraction News] Wildfires in California Hoofer 36 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] One More Piece of Evidence The Pendulum Swung Right Solar 84 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Candace Owens busts leftists troll organization during the election taxed 63 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] The President has been kicking ass lately taxed 302 27
[Political Discussion and Debate] FBI Forced to Admit It Has 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents walkstall 97 4
[The Nut House] Rick & Morty OWN Obama - I thought I'd never see the day !! Rotwang 40 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Why is WEINSTEIN suddenly important ? THE ANSWER HERE Rotwang 164 18
[Political Discussion and Debate] Ted Cruz on CNBC 10-13-2017 Hoofer 126 4
[Jokes] Too Good Not To Post TboneAgain 47 0
[MSM Distraction News] Porn publisher offers up to $10 million for dirt on Trump walkstall 66 4
[Financial] Tesla fires hundreds after company-wide performance reviews Solar 73 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Louisiana sheriff's office boycotting Ford police cars over NFL Solar 116 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Best Trump Video I have Seen Dr.SwineSmeller 44 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Harvey Weinstein and the Green Party The Boo Man... 70 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Penguins are starving because of climate change taxed 59 1
[Science and Technology] MOVED: Weather Channel Founder: Life on Earth getting better taxed 34 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Which side is becoming more extreme? Let the numbers tell the story. TboneAgain 73 4
[Jokes] Taking Things Literally.... TboneAgain 59 2
[MSM Distraction News] Fourth Baltimore police detective pleads guilty in federal racketeering case mrclose 34 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Weather Channel Founder: Life on Earth getting better walkstall 47 1
[The Living Room] Right Wing United BillSmith 252 9
[MSM Distraction News] Speaking of Idiots, Where Chelsea Clinton? Solar 260 20
[Political Discussion and Debate] “I HATE EVERYONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!”: TRUMP SEETHES Solar 92 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] 9 Republicans Co-Sponsoring More Gun Control for Law-Abiding Americans Solar 102 6
[Right Minds Forum] Where's the limit? Leonid 60 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] Banners gone wild! Hoofer 48 0
[Science and Technology] Ride in a self-flying aircraft Hoofer 42 4
[MSM Distraction News] California lowers penalty for knowingly exposing partners to HIV walkstall 36 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Important forum message - please read taxed 94 3
[Jokes] ISIS groin kick Hoofer 40 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Oh, By The Way, ISIS Surrenders Solar 223 14
[MSM Distraction News] Eminem Breaks Silence on President and Insults Every Trump Fan… GB001 71 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Conservative groups demand McConnell step down as Senate GOP leader Ms.Independence 221 15
[Religion Forum] DACA's Dreamers topside 189 16
[Sports] NFL Owners Considering Rule Change Requiring Players to Stand for National Anthe walkstall 129 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] The Democratic Party has an age problem Ms.Independence 101 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] King County Sheriff miranda rights For Dummies Solar 171 10
[The Living Room] Napa Valley Fires supsalemgr 133 10
[Political Discussion and Debate] Capping POTUS Pensions Hoofer 116 6
[The Nut House] Another Scumbag supsalemgr 55 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Liberals now against patriotism The Boo Man... 170 9
[Political Discussion and Debate] Trump Kills Marxist Obozo Commie Green Policy on Coal Solar 194 12
[Miscellaneous] Just an Observation Solar 90 4
[Music] Friends in Safe Spaces. walkstall 30 0
[Jokes] Husband going away for Easter Bronx 96 2
[Political Discussion and Debate] Ivanka Trump For POTUS 2034? Solar 291 20
[MSM Distraction News] Smokey Robinson A Proud American Solar 86 4
[Religion Forum] Some History Related to the Left's Strategy topside 62 1
[MSM Distraction News] Court: Movie theaters must accommodate deaf-blind patrons mrclose 148 8
[Political Discussion and Debate] Three Strikes And ... Winning! mrclose 129 4
[Music] Hallelujah on pedal steel guitar mrclose 26 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] ICE Director: Threatens 'At-Large' Arrests Over California Sanctuary Law mrclose 132 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] More Proof Of Dim Party Schism Solar 85 3
[2018 Tea Party Candidate Vetting] Marsha Blackburn For Senate Solar 132 8
[Miscellaneous] Berkeley students protest exam because noted professor isn't Mexican walkstall 69 1
[Political Discussion and Debate] BLM Students Shut Down ACLU Free Speech Event Solar 270 14
[Political Discussion and Debate] It’s the Bill of RIGHTS, Not the Bill of Restrictions Solar 123 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump fined over late financial disclosure forms Ms.Independence 89 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Jerry Brown’s Delta Tunnels in Trouble Over Tripling Water Rates walkstall 247 15
[Jokes] STRESS DEFINED Solar 114 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] ‘The committee has HIT A WALL’ – Sen. Burr on Russian investigation Bronx 194 7
[Sports] Budweiser considers ending their NFL sponsorship over protests walkstall 154 3
[Miscellaneous] Man wakes up to adorable lynx kittens on his porch walkstall 36 0
[MSM Distraction News] Trump's PR Comments - Snowflakes Are Melting supsalemgr 121 6
[Financial] The White House and Equifax Agree: Social Security Numbers Should Go Ms.Independence 166 4
[Political Discussion and Debate] Sportsmen Will Claim They Need Silencers So Deer Don't Hear The Gunshot Solar 292 15
[Sports] THIS FAN IS DONE WITH NFL! walkstall 161 1
[Right Minds Forum] More nuclear waste in Europe is something special. Minnie 37 1
[Right Minds Forum] What shall we do with Poland? Grant 112 2
[Music] Tom Petty Dead Solar 41 1
[MSM Distraction News] OSCE ODIHR: 3.15 million Germany's new citizens ensured the CDU victory NormanNash 41 0
[Political Discussion and Debate] Helen Keller quote taxed 147 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] A Benghazi Trial Starts Today in DC Ms.Independence 81 2
[Sports] A Marines Letter To The NFL walkstall 129 0
[The Living Room] Caption? Solar 139 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Democratic Congressman: Yes, My Party Is Out Of Touch With Voters Solar 200 11
[Political Discussion and Debate] California's Latest Bad Idea — Outlaw Gas-Powered Cars walkstall 75 2
[MSM Distraction News] Las Vegas: Active shooter reported near Mandalay Bay mrclose 772 54
[Political Discussion and Debate] There might be hope for the GOP yet... The Boo Man... 143 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] ONE FISH TWO FISH LIBERAL DOUCHE FISH taxed 55 0
[Jokes] IF the DOJ would like to make me happy for Christmas. walkstall 70 0
[MSM Distraction News] NFL Fans (former fans) speak volumes Hoofer 44 0
[MSM Distraction News] flutes used in children’s music program may have been contaminated with semen Solar 122 5
[Science and Technology] New sensor detects water contamination in real time walkstall 185 6
[Political Discussion and Debate] Pueto Rico Assistance topside 582 33
[Survival Tips] SHTF currency Hoofer 310 12
[The Living Room] Joints supsalemgr 177 10
[Books] Fore-edge Painting walkstall 49 3
[Political Discussion and Debate] Ex-U.N. ambassador named in 'unmasking' lawsuit walkstall 60 2
[MSM Distraction News] Racist propaganda’: Librarian rejects Melania Trump’s gift of Dr. Seuss books walkstall 107 5
[Political Discussion and Debate] HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns taxed 182 9
[Jokes] Snoring Fix Solar 43 0
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