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Author Topic: Wild West TOY CAP GUNS - Made in USA - Great Christmas Idea !  (Read 1352 times)

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Wild West TOY CAP GUNS - Made in USA - Great Christmas Idea !
« on: November 21, 2015, 04:45:19 PM »
Two Things: First of all I have no affiliations with this company. Second, it may already be too late for Christmas. That said....

Boy, gee, these are wicked nice !

When I was a kid I and my brother used to run around playing "Cowboys and Cowboys" all the time. (Not Cowboys and Indians. In those days the Indians always lost the Battles on TV, so no one wanted to play one.) Of course we usually ended up having actual fistfights, as he would refuse to acknowledge that I had got the drop on him, and he should play dead, like a good corpse.

Anyhow, we had lame-o Guns with Roll Caps, which are ok, I guess. At least they were metal, and probably were Made in USA, as everything good was in the 1950's.

Well, Wild West Guns has taken the torch and is running with the great tradition of manufacturing toys in America. They look really nice !

I particularly like the models that utilize Dummy Cartridges, as they function just like the real thing. And as is explained on their Web Site, they are assembled with screws and spare parts are available.

Are you listening, Santa ?


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