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Author Topic: The Philadelphia Tea-Party  (Read 1434 times)

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The Philadelphia Tea-Party
« on: December 26, 2014, 03:57:46 AM »
... on its 241st anniversary;

“You are sent out on a diabolical service; and if you are so foolish and obstinate as to complete your voyage by bringing your ship to anchor in this port, you may run such a gauntlet as will induce you in your last moments most heartily to curse those who have made you the dupe of their avarice and ambition. What think you, Captain, of a halter around your neck – ten gallon of liquid tar decanted on your pate – with the feathers of a dozen wild geese laid over that to enliven your appearance? Only think seriously of this and fly to the place from whence you came – fly without hesitation – without the formality of a protest – and above all, Captain Ayres, let us advise you to fly without the wild geese feathers.”  -public handbill, issued by the “Committee for Tarring and Feathering” pertaining to the captain of the British merchant-ship: Polly

We restocked the ship's stores then booted it back to England, still carrying its original 700-case cargo.

No hard feelings, guys.  We'll see your German pals at Trenton in 3-years...


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