Author Topic: Opening of the Paris World’s Fair: May 6, 1889  (Read 1375 times)

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Opening of the Paris World’s Fair: May 6, 1889
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Opening of the Paris World’s Fair: May 6, 1889

World's Fair Now Open “It was a spectacle worth remembering,” reported The Times of Philadelphia on the opening of the 1889 Paris World’s Fair. Called the Exposition Universelle by the French, the fair opened May 6 to much anticipation. After all, the world had just spent more than two years following the construction of the Eiffel Tower (the tallest man-made structure at the time) and was curious to see what else the 228-acre fair would have to offer.

The French Republic had proudly declared that the fair would celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution, and as a result many monarchies in Europe declined to send official diplomatic representatives. Nevertheless, those countries—as well as the United States and countries from Latin America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere—had exhibits displaying the technical and cultural marvels from their respective countries. Not only could visitors see Thomas Edison’s miraculous phonographs, for instance, but they could also visit the “gigantic” porridge tureen of the king of the Sandwich Islands

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