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Jeep at 75
« on: August 07, 2016, 04:41:43 AM »
It was the smaller vehicle that many GIs claimed won the war. It's 75 years strong, and here's the hometown newspaper and video to celebrate.

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Re: Jeep at 75
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2016, 08:22:05 AM »
Where I live, we have arguably the biggest meeting of GP/Jeep owners in the world, where just a few miles from my house, they converge on the tiny mining and historic Georgetown.
Thousands of Jeepers come from around the world to take the famed Rubicon crossing through Desolation wilderness into Tahoe.
Which really is nothing more than a ridge run on a mountain top through the Sierra Nevada.

I will say this, the original Jeep, including it's predecessor the A-1 model, are light enough to be carried by 6 men with ease out of any mess, repaired with a roll of bailing wire all the while running on 4 flat tires.
Sadly that is not the case of the modern day Jeep, it's only connection is by name and open cab style.
The only vehicles that emerge unscathed are the older Jeeps, while the newer vehicles tend to rollover, generally driven by younger inexperienced drivers with an indestructible mindset.
While the older Jeeper even series their batteries to weld broken frames, many use winches like they would his drivetrain and steering wheel, the winch is an essential piece of the Jeep, and the assistance of other drivers and their winches insuring the vehicle traverse the 80% grad and boulders the size of houses be safely traversed.

The only thing out there today that can match the abilities of the early Jeep, is the quad or side by side 4x4s OHV's, which were designed to roll over and keep on going.
Watched as the driver of a brand new Land rover attempted the run. His vehicle came back with every part of the vehicle crushed, punctured and collapsed.
Not one piece of it was useable but the drivetrain and engine, otherwise it was totaled, and his insurance Co refused to pay, so he drove it like that for two years till CHP said no more because it was literally a distraction, like that of a KKK Grand wizard in full ensemble.

Nope, nothing like the original!
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