Author Topic: History re-runs (thank ISIS and refugees)  (Read 1169 times)

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History re-runs (thank ISIS and refugees)
« on: January 29, 2016, 07:13:52 AM »

Nothing unites 2 warring factions like a common enemy, nor "justifies" political abuse!

Marine Le Pen, ostensibly on the far right, attacks France’s Socialist government for pampering "globalized elites at the expense of the people." She vows to replace the "neo-liberal" French establishment with an aggressively interventionist state. Nationalization of banks is on the agenda of far-right governments in Hungary and Poland, along with more predictable anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies.

The blending of left- and right-wing programs is hardly novel. The Nazis proudly called themselves National Socialists. And Mussolini, who started out as a diehard socialist, didn't give up his core belief in state control even after he found a more effective way of rousing disaffected Italian masses. From the late 19th century onwards, political movements and parties on the right have combined xenophobic patriotism and economic nationalism.

Gee... how predictable is THIS...????

Immigration, while helping business, has aggravated financial and cultural insecurities among ordinary people: The foreigner, whether high-skilled migrant, refugee or asylum-seeker, has come to embody the opaque forces that threaten jobs and livelihoods.

At the same time, far-right populists no longer face strong challengers on the liberal-left. Socialists promising redistribution if not revolution have abruptly emerged in Britain, as well as Greece and Spain. But his forthright internationalist commitments to immigration and refugees make Jeremy Corbyn unelectable. And liberals, such as Hilary Clinton in America or New Labour in Britain, appear too complicit with globalized elites.

Oh CRAP - here we go again, a repeat of pre-WW2, thanks to immigration forced upon us.
Someone always has a wild-ass idea, wanting to "right a wrong" as they imagine it, which comes at the expense of the rest of us.
In reality, I live a rather BORING life, and like it that way!   Like most Americans, we don't have these grandiose, world-wide plans of unification, pseudo peace & harmony - I just want to be LEFT ALONE to fend for myself, rise of fail on my own efforts - without government regulations at every turn.

Leave it to the elitists twisted minds to cook up another crisis ... that through government regulations & restrictions, they are the only ones allowed to fix!
Arizona tried to enforce Federal Law, with a similar State law to stem the tide of illegals, and the Supreme Court nullified it.
Like I said, they create the crisis, and hog-tie the populace.   Which leaves Americans with few choices, rebooting the worst of historical events. 

The global elites, whose competence and moral legitimacy are questioned like never before, need, as Martin Wolf wrote in the Financial Times last week, "to work out intelligent responses." Until then, progressively more and more intemperate outbursts against posh boys will define political life.

It just begs the question:  "How STUPID do you think we are?"    If these idiots in France forgot the French Revolution, let them live it again - stay the hell outta the USA!
All animals are created equal; Some just take longer to cook.   Survival is keeping an eye on those around you...


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