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Author Topic: New Website  (Read 1522 times)

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New Website
« on: January 28, 2012, 12:54:45 PM »
So a few weeks ago I was out looking for some meal planning help when I came across a site called "Food on the Table".  This site fascinated me enough that I paid the $15.00 dollars for a 3 month subscription. (I have since found that there is a phone app for free that gives you a smaller version of the app.)

For you guys out there you may want to share this app with your wives. 

You start by setting up your profile:  Enter your zip code and select stores in your area you shop at listing one as your primary.  Then you go and indicate what types of meals you want (Beef, Chicken, gluten free, diabetic, 30 minutes or less, etc)  It will then offer you recipes based on what is on sale at your store.  You select what meals you want to add to your meal plan (I recommend the Pan Poached Salmon Piccata) and it creates your shopping list.  Once you open your shopping list you can remove items you already have and add additional items you know you need.  You can either print out the shopping list or send it to your phone.  If you are using the phone app it automatically saves it for you.

What has this app done for Toy...  I has made me more creative in my meals.  It has saved me the stress of trying to think of what to make for dinner.  I never forget my shopping list - it is always in my phone and I can check off what I bought as I go. 

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