Author Topic: Ammonia used in many foods, not just "pink slime"  (Read 1843 times)

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Ammonia used in many foods, not just "pink slime"
« on: April 05, 2012, 04:32:29 PM »
Hmmm...I have Nitro with me 24/7 and it don't blow-up.  :smile:
Eat or Not eat, that is the question.   :ohmy:
"The food supply is full of all sorts of chemical additives that people don't know about," said Michele Simon, a public health lawyer and president of industry watchdog consulting firm Eat Drink Politics.
The meat industry has been trying to raise awareness of other foods that contain ammonia, in response to what it has characterized as an unfair attack on a safe and healthy product.
For example, ammonia compounds are used as leavening agents in baked goods and as an acidity controller in cheese and sometimes chocolate.
"Ammonia's not an unusual product to find added to food," Gary Acuff, director of Texas A&M University's Center for Food Safety, told a recent press conference hosted by Beef Products Inc. "We use ammonia in all kinds of foods in the food industry."
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Re: Ammonia used in many foods, not just "pink slime"
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2012, 06:42:06 PM »
The funny thing is, people aren't upset about the ammonia, they are pissed about about the crap that they are passing off as food.
You have to wonder just how bad this shit is, that it needs ammonia added to kill bacteria.

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Re: Ammonia used in many foods, not just "pink slime"
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2012, 10:01:51 AM »
It really is frightening if you start any research into processed foods, but sometimes it happens with foods you wouldn't expect. I purchased some frozen fish (tilapia) several weeks ago and when I got home and looked at the package, I saw that it had carbon monoxide added to preserve the appearance!! After thawing out and cooking one piece of it, I noticed I had a headache shortly after eating it and felt bad and kind of weak. I learned later that carbon monoxide is often added to meat and fish to keep that "fresh" appearance...which also means you can't tell how really fresh it is by looking at it :(

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Re: Ammonia used in many foods, not just "pink slime"
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2012, 08:48:03 PM »
YOu would be shocked at the crap they stick in foods.   The additives, preservatives and what ever else they put in there,,,ya gotta wonder why we have the sickness we do with all this new fangled junk to make it keep.
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