Author Topic: Worst Quarter Ever For Cable/Satellite TV Providers  (Read 1539 times)

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Re: Worst Quarter Ever For Cable/Satellite TV Providers
« Reply #15 on: November 21, 2018, 08:37:21 AM »
Good point!
Spectrum fees, Comcast also has these fees.

Yep. I am on Spectrum. I don't wanna knock em too bad... I LOVE the broadband service - Very reliable, and never throttled... And they are friendly to me - I get some perks because I am in the business (20 up, true fixed IP block)... But the CableTV thing... the only way that comes back in here is if I can't help it, and it is bloody well free, because I will never ever use it.

Had a twitchy thumb for about a couple weeks... Didn't know what to do without a clicker and a bounce channel... But the bounce channel was for commercials... And I don't see commercials anymore... Every now and then I run into em... Hulu or Crackle...and they offend me enough that I go elsewhere... So I already know there is nothing on CableTV that would make me put up with that again, niot to mention PAY for the privilege.


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