Author Topic: Wells Fargo Fires Four Senior Managers  (Read 695 times)

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Wells Fargo Fires Four Senior Managers
« on: February 21, 2017, 11:36:18 AM »

I am a Wells Fargo customer through their purchase of Wachovia. Immediately, I noticed a change in behavior in their staff as far as pushing other products. Having been in sales management in my career I understand the need to cross sell and in most situations it can be a client benefit as well. However, it was clear the Wells Fargo employees were just given a directive without any sales skill training and this became quite irritating to me. After this practice was identified a couple of years ago it is an obvious there was a directive to stop the practices. Now the house cleaning continues.
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Re: Wells Fargo Fires Four Senior Managers
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My first ever bank account was a Wells Fargo savings account in 1959, had it for decades, that is, until they moved hard left in their antics.
One wouldn't think that possible in finance, but they did, now I have a B of A, and oddly enough, they're 100 times worse.
I finally opened an account at a local savings and loan and it's like stepping back to the 60s where service was paramount and the customer always comes first.

B of A was doing the same, every time I went to the window, the teller was pushing some nonsense, it got to the point I never said a word, just nodded and finished my business.


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