Author Topic: Trump, banks say they're not lending, Yellen/the press says banks are.  (Read 571 times)

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Everyone's quoting Trump about bank loans:

Maybe Trump’s Friends ‘Can’t Borrow Money,’ but Banks Are Lending

Banks are lending a ton, despite Trump's claims about Dodd-Frank

Yellen: Trump is completely wrong that banks aren't lending

Trump Cites Friends to Say Banks Aren’t Making Loans. They Are.

--and they cite an undefined "loan volume" number supposedly from the Fed but not linked (the Fed's search will not list "volume").  What the Fed's records do show is that the total value of of commercial loans for most of the country is about half what it should be:

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Re: Trump, banks say they're not lending, Yellen/the press says banks are.
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2017, 08:47:57 AM »
It would appear that the answer is somewhere in the middle.

A bit dated, but nothing has changed since.

And finally the report itself.

Despite the significance of small businesses
to the U.S. economy and to local communities,
information on small business financing
conditions is limited, leaving important
knowledge gaps for policymakers and service
providers. Although several sources report
aggregate lending volumes and lender perceptions,1
 timely data about business owners’
financing decisions are rare.
Furthermore, as
previous studies have shown, credit demand,
sources, and outcomes vary considerably
within the small business sector.


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