Author Topic: Pentagon's rising concern over Google's relationship with China bad news for Alp  (Read 510 times)

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The fact that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  Gen. Joseph Dunford has called out Google twice in the last couple of weeks is a serious trend worth noting for any investor or potential investor in Google's stock (NASDAQ: GOOGL).

State-Of-Art technology in hands of Chinese military

Google has shown it is more than willing to work with the Chicoms, but reluctant to work with the United States Military:Well noted by the Pentagon and underscored by Gen. Dunford,  Google's stance and Chinese cooperation makes some in high places nervous and fearful that the Chicoms will do what they always do best: steal our latest and greatest technology and apply it to waging war against the United States.

More problems 

Add to this scenario the fact that even leftist, Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling for the break up of Google and other high-tech giants as a monopolies and would  force "fairness" in Internet searches and you have the unbelievable event of the far left and far right actually coming together on the notion that Google is too big and needs to be harnessed in some way, shape or form - to be decided. 



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