Author Topic: Optimism of Cutting Taxes & Easing Regulations is Artificially Boosting Market  (Read 646 times)

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America is optimistic with Trump's plan to create jobs, cut taxes & ease regulations - but in the excitement, nobody's reporting that we're in a bubble...

"...Going back over the records of more than a hundred years of data on the stock markets, you find that the S&P 500 long term P/E average has remained at approximately 15. Yet just this past week, the stock market S&P 500 index touched 26.5. If this sounds suspiciously high, it is. The figure represents an over 75 percent greater level than the historical longer term average...."

During the campaign, Trump referred to Obama's economy as a yuuuge bubble... Now weeks into his Trump Presidency - it's a boom! :)

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We are way overdue for a correction. There is one large problem however. Where does one place the profits after selling stocks? Interest rates are artificially low. Therefore people who move money for a living are in a dilemma.
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