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Author Topic: Microsoft to Lay Off Thousands  (Read 1322 times)

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Microsoft to Lay Off Thousands
« on: July 07, 2017, 04:39:23 AM »
So will my phone stop ringing now every time my computer has a hiccup.  Let me have control of you puter and I can find the problem(s).  Yes I see the problem and can fix it for 99$ and give you back the control of your puter.

Microsoft to Lay Off Thousands as It Shifts Focus to Cloud Computing.

Microsoft is laying off thousands of employees as the company reorganizes with a focus on selling its cloud software — which has proven to be a huge area of revenue growth.

The company did not disclose how many people are being laid off, but a source told NBC News the number was in the thousands, with many outside the United States.

more @
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Re: Microsoft to Lay Off Thousands
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2017, 05:53:22 PM »
Lay off the MS employees and rehire them through contractors.  This place is booming with expansion.

In the fifth expansion to its data centers there in six years, Microsoft will invest another $251.6 million to expand its data center facility in Boydton, Virginia, located in Mecklenburg County on the state’s south border between Richmond and Raleigh, North Carolina.  This according to announcement from Gov. Terry McAuliffe, just hours after the former Democratic National Committee chair absorbed the news of his party’s stunning losses in the national election.

“Microsoft has now invested nearly $2 billion in its Mecklenburg facility and created over 250 jobs since 2010,” stated Gov. McAuliffe, in a statement released Wednesday afternoon.

Microsoft’s move comes just weeks after unveiling “Generation 5” of its modular data center design, at its cloud farm in Quincy, Washington, about a hundred miles east of corporate headquarters.  This design blueprint replaces the compact IT-Pre-Assembled Container (IT-PAC) design pattern, on which the Boydton data center was originally built.

The NYT has it mostly wrong, their bias is showing...
BOYDTON, Va. — A giant Microsoft facility just outside this very small town hides behind a quarter-mile berm and a guard house, across the highway from the rubble of a demolished prison.

Behind the berm, six unmarked hangars each hold tens of thousands of computer servers. Microsoft has cleared enough scrub trees and vines for at least 15 of these buildings, and six more are already under construction.

One thing there isn’t much of at this Microsoft complex, one single computer data center, is long-term work. Microsoft says it might have “several dozen” employees in a place like this. They are mostly elite computer workers who tend not to come from Boydton, which lost a lot of good jobs when nearby factories closed and the prison shut down.

So it is in a number of small towns across the country, as technology giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft race to build networks of unprecedented size to provide services over the internet, a technology trend known as cloud computing. Local people, along with many economists and officials, often think these data centers are a key to an industrial revival. But the reality is less impressive.

Even the site description is completely wrong.  It's a description that sounds like another data center, 10 miles away that actually does have a guard shack, Microsoft doesn't have "guard houses" anywhere... nor are there "hangers".  Whoever wrote the article, has probably never been to this site, or knows they're happy to give TOURS.   Furthermore, these data centers often get located in rural areas where a. electrical power is cheap & abundant, b. labor costs are low, c. the climate is favors low energy consumption, d. they are easily accessible to major long haul fiber & metropolitan areas.  (Boydton is between Raleigh, NC and Richmond, VA - and fits the description above)
Leave it to the liberal NYT to completely misrepresent economic progress - like a Prison is somehow better for the community...?

We can count on the calls from "Tech support" telling us our computer is slowing down the network ... all the way from India.
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