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Author Topic: grant strike authorization against U.S. Steel in Granite City.  (Read 1285 times)

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grant strike authorization against U.S. Steel in Granite City.
« on: September 09, 2018, 06:26:42 AM »
No, this is not a strike, this is an agreement, that if necessary, they would strike against U.S. Steel if they don't get their "Fair Share", yep, they actually said that shit..
WTF? They have no right to anything the company owns, they are not entitled to a damn thing, they were given a job at a fair wage, they agreed to, that's that, otherwise, get the fuck out!

There are a number of contentious issues in the contract, including wages, health benefits, and a great deal of contract language.

A lot of attention has been focused on Granite City because the plant had been largely idled for about two years, and is now ramping up to full production and hiring new employees.

The most recent contract offer from USS was for six years with some wage increases.

Simmons said the offer was “not acceptable at all.”

“Actually it’s an insult,” he said, noting that analysts say the company is poised to make record profits.

“We want our fair share, we’re not asking any more than we’re entitled to.”

The company has posted a copy of its latest proposal, at

“Our plants continue to operate in a safe and orderly fashion,” said USS Spokeswoman Meghan M. Cox in an emailed statement. “While we are aware of the strike authorization vote, talks are ongoing and we continue to work diligently to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion.”

Here's what USS is offering.

U. S. Steel's Offer: Just the Facts
Click here to view full company proposal
6-Year Contract
Stability for you and your family

$15,000 in Guaranteed Pre-Tax Cash Payments*
$4,000 signing bonus paid within 30 days of ratification
$5,000 healthcare transition bonus paid within 30 days of ratification
$6,000 guaranteed minimum profit share opportunity for balance of 2018 regardless of company performance, paid in 2018-19 per plan requirements
Above contingent on contract ratification by Sept. 22

* Subject to reduction by applicable taxes

Significant Base Wage Increases*
6 consecutive years of guaranteed base wage increases

4% base wage increase in year 1; 3% in year 2; 3% in year 3
10% in total base wage increases in the first three years
Guaranteed 1% base wage increase in years 4-6
Years 4-6: Up to 5% annual bonus opportunity, on top of profit sharing, and same financial targets as managers means when managers get paid, you get paid

Click here to see what that means for you
* Base wage increases applied per CBA terms

Retirement Benefit Increases
NEW BENEFIT – $0.15/hour worked contribution to 401(k) plan

No company-proposed reduction in other pension benefits
Choice of High-Quality Benefits Plans
Right to choose from high-quality benefits plans that work best for you and your family

A free (no premium) plan, with up to $2,000/yr of company contributions
Continued access to a PPO plan comparable to what you have today for only 10% premium cost; company pays 90% of plan costs for duration of contract
PPO premium increase will never exceed 10% of the total plan cost (will not increase 10% per year)

Click here to see examples of how the plans would work for you
Operational Assurances
Upon ratification, U. S. Steel will commit to restart the construction of the electric arc furnace (EAF) at Fairfield, with planned completion targeted within 24 months as well as agree to retain the #6 heat treat assets at Lorain Tubular Operations
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