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Gold and Silver
« on: October 05, 2013, 01:46:18 PM »
Have you been investing in gold and/or silver lately?

Have you been in the markets for a while?

If so,have you made a financial killing yet?

I would be very surprised if the answer was yes.

The idea that the average investor is going to make any money at all playing the silver and gold markets is illusory at best, gambling at worse.

Unless you get very lucky as in a casino.

The only ones who make a profit are the dealers and one of the less reliable in the
retail silver and metals market is LEAR CAPITAL!

This outfit lacks business ethics based on the experiences of some of their naive customers.

The way it works is you send them a check for an order of silver coins ;let's say the 1and 1/2 oz. pandas and then after the check is cashed .a salesman tells you there is still a 2 week hold on the funds.

but then when the 2 weeks are passed and  you still do not receive your coins ;and
when you try to find out why not; then they tell you they can't find your check.

 some foolish customers have had to wait several months trying to clear things  with  LEAR CAPITAL .

Also the sales staff earn huge commissions and engage in high sales tactics.
This they do  before you can qualify for any of their so-called promotions and  "free coins!! "


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