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Author Topic: Greece proves Socialism never works  (Read 886 times)

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Greece proves Socialism never works
« on: March 11, 2015, 07:26:39 AM »
If there already is a official Greece Fail thread then feel free to disregard this thread or move this post into that thread, I just want to take a moment and laugh schadenfreude over the socialist economy of Greece. As a Norwegian that it could always be much worse if the people had lost all their conservative values as Greece has done, pure socialism is fun to watch from a distance the rare times when it is not genocidal (which is probably not for long).

Alexis Tsipras a Communist was elected in to end Austerity, specifically to end the Troika so keeping to tradition of Orwellian newspeak he bowed down to the Brussels Masters and they in kind returned the favor by simply changing the term Troika to "Three Institution" and so he kept his campaign promise  :rolleyes:

Will be very interesting to see the reactions, Golden Dawn is also anti austerity party and I think many voters will flock to Golden Dawn as Tsipras and his Syriza pussied out when push came to show. When the news came out that Syriza was accepting Brussels demands some Anarchists broke into the party offices without any violence or any police. I find it very strange that no police was called if this was some spontaneous random Anarchists  breaking into party offices potentially gaining access to secret party information, member list, finances etc. isn't it more likely that this was Syriza stunt to control opposition and the narrative showing themselves sympathetic to the criticism against the surrender to Brussels while keeping the left coalition solidarity intact?

I'm very concerned about the consequences this has for Spain, which is a beautiful country with many good conservatives and great conservative culture (except for the socialist who seeks to destroy it). Maybe time to revisit the civil war...


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