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Author Topic: Best / Worst States to live  (Read 1269 times)

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Best / Worst States to live
« on: June 25, 2017, 04:23:35 AM »

This list is based on the following factors:

Cost of Living
Workplace safety
State tax burdens
Median wages
Unemployment rates
Based on a combination of the above five factors, these are the best and worst states to make a living in 2017:

Not to put too much stock in these generalizations - Virginia has some very high income & cost of living around the DC area, yet southern & western part of the state are the opposite.  Please adjust the . JPG size...   I can see no obvious political correlation to any of this, but, meh, give it a gander ...

Funny... Wifey and I had this conversation just Friday, "Where would you want to move to, if we move again?"   

"Wyoming or Montana"

... she must like snuggling, cause compared to temperate Virginia, it's cold AND windy out there!

Adjusted png size.
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