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Author Topic: New Conservative e-books  (Read 1548 times)

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New Conservative e-books
« on: September 07, 2012, 07:29:41 PM »
I know I read Bill is also an author.  I'm just doing a quick pump on mine then I'm off to twitter about you folks.

I write mainly political-science fantasy fiction.  Feminists call it manly dribble.  Whatever. 

My first book, Shift: Election Weekend, was edited poorly by myself and received well enough that it plays in Peoria as a November Book of the Month for their Sci-Fi Book Club.  The same one Phillip Jose Farmer was once a part of.  I'm proud that it did get me a team of proof-readers and beta readers (not concerned about grammar, gimme a story, Bruce).

If Limbaugh and Tolkien were to write a book on a subject I imagine it would have been better edited and there wouldn't have been thirty pages of people running through a valley. 

Just this summer, I released Shift: Elijah's Story as a prequel to S:EW and it became quite popular around my new home of Corpus Christi.

Both of these books are available in softcover, which is nice.  But I'm talking to you about them because the ebook version of them is a dollar.  I like to keep the price low mainly because we keep having dead people in our world voting in democrats.

Anyway, I'm off to twitter.  @brucelombardo75
Hi, aside from being here, I also write Political Fantasy Fiction.  Check it out...Shift: Election Weekend
and the book that gets you in the Shift series
Shift: Elijah's Story


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