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Trump mystery solved
« on: April 06, 2016, 09:18:32 AM »
Think about the questions we kept asking...

 - How did Trump gain popularity so fast?

 - Why does he get so much coverage?

 - Why did these various media outlets and personalities (Breitbart, Coulter, Hannity, etc.) seemingly in sync take a hard left into Trump town?  Who has this much influence in the media?

 - Why is there a division at Fox News over Trump support (as Gutfeld admitted)?

 - Why is Trump so unorganized and seems to have no clue what he's doing?

 - Who would want Trump to be President?  Who the hell benefits?

Now we know Trump has some really damaging dirt on Roger Ailes.   I think this explains everything.  We also know why Trump has no idea what he's doing campaign-wise and had no organization.  That Trump article (, Trump said he got into the race for other reasons, and was surprised how it took off.

We now know Trump jump-started off hot-button topics.  He had an assistant listen to conservative talk radio over the the past year or so to know what to attack.  His popularity jump-start is explained.  All of us were pissed at Hussein importing South America and rolling out the carpet.

Why does he get so much coverage?  Explained by the dirt on Ailes.

Why did all these outlets and personalities go hard for Trump out of the clear blue?  Explained by Ailes.  It also explains the other mystery of who can afford it.  I'm certain Trump is a fraud and is broke and has no money.  Therefore, it was obvious someone else was behind him, but who had the influence and cash?  Ailes.

The division at Fox News is explained.  The Trump media consolidation seemed to happen after the Megyn Kelly stuff.  That explains why some personalities got on board, and others didn't.  I noticed Kelley is not committing to renewing her contract.  What message will a renewal/non-renewal send to the Branch Trumpidians (Hannity, Bolling, etc).

It also explains who would WANT Trump to be President: NOBODY.  Ailes is being blackmailed.

I think the mystery is put to bed.  As to the ~30% Branch Trumpidians who like Donald in general?  Oh, they're just stupid.  Occam's Razor.


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