Author Topic: Open Letter To President Trump From Conservatives  (Read 32255 times)

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Open Letter To President Trump From Conservatives
« on: September 01, 2017, 09:20:15 AM »
I received an email stating the POTUS wanted to hear from Solar, so here's my response.

Based on the survey, it's more than apparent you know what the problem is, my issue isn't with Trump, whom I did not support, I wrote in Cruz. But my issue is with the gop'E and it's hurried move left to fill the void vacated by the Dim party.

I believe this to be the real threat to the future of our Nation, that unless we get rid of the Fabian Socialists within the gop'E, we'll never recover the country I grew up in.

'Speaking directly to the president.'

Mr. President, I own, we as a forum never supported you for office, we wanted a real Conservative, so we wrote in Cruz as a way of sending a message to the gop'E that regardless of the tricks they pull, we will never support their choices.

With that said, I, along with the rest of my forum members, now support you, we know you have to fight with the Establishment to get what is needed for the betterment of the Nation.
Your election, like that of the Marxist Hussein, exposed the Dim party for who they really are, and your election exposed the Leftists gop'E for who the RNC really is and its Leftist goals, which have nothing to do with the people of this Great Nation.

My point is, we were angry at the hollow promises made during the campaign season, which is why we refused to support you, but now that you discovered just how evil the gop'E truly is, just how power hungry these scum are, you discovered your true allies are on the Right, the actual base of the party.
This Nation is still majority Conservative, that's why TEA has killed off the Dim party, by focusing on replacing RINO with the most Conservative candidates available, and we know RNC research shows this to be the case.

For your Administration to succeed, you need us more than ever! Tell the leftist gop'E to F' off, force them to show their hand, expose this cancer to the Nation, and in doing so you will see a ground swell of support not seen since the days of Reagan.

Mr. President, the Conservative base supports you, grudgingly, at this point, but it doesn't have to be that way, give us something to be proud of, give us a reason to have your back, fight the gop'E and I guarantee you, you'll have the leftist media in a coma, not knowing which way is up.

I know you know this, the gop'E is not your friend, they got you elected because they feared Cruz.
The Establishment feared Cruz, a Real Conservative, so much, that they settled for you, a NY Dim who they thought they had a better shot at manipulating, as you found out the hard way.
Now it's our turn, give the Conservative base a reason to go to bat for you, try our method for a change. That method being the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the mores and ideals they were based upon.

I don't know if the right people will even ever see this because I have a feeling when I hit send, it'll be the RNC begging for money, so I'm posting this as an open letter to Mr.Trump on my forum as assurance the Right people see it.

My suspicions were correct, so no, Trump would never even come close to reading this.
Here's the plea as follows.


Politicians have spent too much time bickering and not enough time listening. Enough!

I want to hear from YOU.

I want to hear from the American heartland -- the REAL America that lives outside of the DC-media fantasy bubble.

Now that we’ve passed the six-month mark of our presidency, I want you to take the Listening to America Survey to tell me the true sentiments, concerns, and interests of REAL America.

The mainstream media and Hollywood love to tell you “how America is feeling.” But they know nothing. They live in a world where you get to keep your job even if you fail to get anything done.

It’s time to tune them out. It’s time to shut off the noise and just LISTEN.

Just like on the campaign, I always like to go directly to the people. I asked our supporters to help prepare for our three big debates against Hillary. I asked what issues we should address. I asked for help creating our platform.

So please take this moment to turn off the very loud noise of Washington and take the Listening to America Survey.

Thank you,


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