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Author Topic: Natural Born  (Read 4604 times)

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Natural Born
« on: April 25, 2015, 09:28:16 AM »
On this we agree.. Natural born was intended to refer to the American nuclear family unit, the two parent American family.
But as usual, for whatever reason, our so called Representatives in Govt saw fit to expand it's meaning and include a single mother giving birth abroad, as somehow applicable.

Personally, if you are pregnant abroad, you better get your ass home and have your child on US soil, with the exception of a Military unit.
Their need to morph it's meaning, is what eats away at our culture and Constitution.
Yes, we're in agreement to the original meaning of the term Natural born.
But based on immigration law, Cruz remains eligible under the 1940 law changing the meaning to allow a single mother beyond US native soil to birth a child, giving that child status as a US citizen of natural born status.

Sure, I can see exceptions on a case by case basis, but to make this all inclusive was a huge mistake.


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