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Rommel's Gold
« on: May 12, 2014, 09:59:47 PM »
-6 coffins filled with gold, hidden on Corsica, or off its coast. The stash was on the African mainland, to pay for supplies, or bribing purposes, as the AfrikaCorps conquered Egypt and continued-on to Baghdad, theoretically.  But when the mission failed, the stash was brought back to Tunisia and was combined with valuables that were looted from Tunisian Jews. 

But the treasure disappeared on its return-trip to Europe.

The U-301 theory needs the treasure to be 'on' Corsica by January, 1943;

The UJ-(Jager)2219 theory is time-framed in September, 1943;

Some years pass...  Coriscan-locals speak of some German-tourists who open a diving-school, yet no students were ever reported attending it.

Then comes to-light, the twisting odyssey of Corporal Walter Kirner and British journalist, Terry Hodgkinson: 


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