Author Topic: FBI Practice of Extrajudicial Homicide Against Innocent Civilians  (Read 492 times)

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I am currently being abducted by the FBI.  I need to picket my way out by exposing my captors and forcing a response from the appropriate authorities.  This situation is an emergency.

I am being trafficked by the U.S. government in a program resembling the CIA's Project Monarch.
Through the course of stalking me, the government, acting through law enforcement, took credit for a number of homicides, mass shootings, and terrorist attacks.

Most recently, I uncovered that the government conspired to murder the pop stars Prince and Avicii. I present my evidence in a blog post below.

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I also prove that Kent State University (who kidnapped me and sex trafficked me for 12 years under the guise of a criminal investigation) conspired to murder their own football player, Jason Bitsko.  They are guilty.   If you read the post you will see there can be no doubt.

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This is PROTECTED activity!  This is an emergency!  Please report to the FBI, DOJ, Congress, or anyone else.

Trying to silence me is a crime that will make you complicit with the offenders and guilty of the crime of abduction and aiding and abetting in a homicide!

This is not 'conspiracy theory' or a commercial interest.  This is legitimate crime being reported in a public forum.

Please share this and get word out!!!

Please ask to post links on first post.
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Re: FBI Practice of Extrajudicial Homicide Against Innocent Civilians
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Do you know katsung47?  I am thinking you two could be brothers.
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