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« on: June 16, 2019, 06:34:50 PM »
This post is for a lib on Disquss, for some reason it won't post, or he bailed, so I posted it here and I'll post a link for him on Disquss.

Don't assume I'm a Pub, I'm not, I'm a Conservative. The GOP in my opinion are scum, they only care about corporate interests because that's who keep them alive, they've notoriously ignored the Constitution and the constituency, which is why we're taking over the party.
You'll see a lot more commonsense once we do.
Actually France is regretting agreeing to the climate accords, it's killing their economy.
Much of Europe is rethinking their approach to the environment. France had it right back in the 70s when nearly 70% of their energy came from nuclear, now they're paying out the ass to import energy.

Musk's shingles are a joke, the entire concept of solar tied to the grid is a huge scam, again, follow the money.
Have you even looked into the cost of a grid-tie system, add to that, a battery backup system? I haven't been on the grid for well over 30 years, and my system cost $100K, a battery bank around 40 grand every 10 to 15 years.
I've been warning about this for a couple of decades, that the Dim party essentially owns PUC's around the country, look at Ca. The left convinced everyone to buy into solar, that you won't have to pay for electricity because the power companies have to buy it from the solar tie customer, then the utilities started complaining, and the left wrote Legislation stating that utilities had to buy 10% of their energy from "Green" sources, problem solved, since about &% had solar. So what did they do? They built their own solar farms on the taxpayers dime. Once this was achieved they were no longer obligated to buy power from their customers.
This is still being battled in court. Az has the same problem as do many other states because of govt interference.
So don't buy solar thinking you're guaranteed you won't have an electric bill. There is no way a utility could stay in business if that were the case.

You're under the illusion Dims are for the planet, this is only true with but a few in the party, the majority have a goal of killing off industry, Nationalizing it for total control as in the new radicals.
Who do you think backs Exon? The Pubs lost them under Clinton, when much of corporate America jumped on the Dim bandwagon, that's what had the GOP in a panic, why they helped Obama with the omnibus Bill, they were trying to guy back the corporate entity. So if you think the Dims still care about the environment, I suggest you follow the money. Why do you think Clinton signed the NAFTA Bill?
Oh, and what's with the racist BS? That's a leftist political talking point, that the right hates anyone that isn't white. Why do you assume I'm white? Because I'm literate and Conservative? Check your privilege man!!!
Have you ever once looked at the Dim party tribal collection of self proclaimed victims?
It was LBJ that created the welfare queen that killed the Black Nuclear family, it was the Right that created the Civil Rights act.
It has always been the left that keep minorities in a cage. The Dim party is all about division, be it pushing gay victims or Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and the list goes on and on, while on the right we have people that love the country.
That's it, there are no racist groups in the Conservative movement.
Nazi Skinheads, those are leftists, the left tried to rename them Alt-Right, pitted them against ANTIFA a communist organization.
The left capitalized on tearing down Confederate statues, the Dim party's past, yeah, the left needed to remove their history of slavery and segregation, so they pitted two leftist groups against one another and claimed the Nazi were right wingers.
I suggest you open your eyes, the Dim party is on the verge of having an internal civil war and it won't end well. Muslim against LGBTQ, yeah, they despise one another.
I'll make a prediction that the Dim party that you love, will no longer exist after 2020.
Nancy is no longer in charge of the party, the radicals refuse to play by the old rules, they want the party for themselves.
And yes, Trump will win in a landslide, and to think, I didn't even support the guy, just like 30% of the base, but we'll be there in 2020.
I'd really like to continue this in depth. I own the forum in my name, so if you'd like, we can continue it there.
I like Disquss, but I get so many notifications, I may never see your reply.
I post as Solar, libs are more than welcome, the only rule we have on the forum is honest debate, and opinion pieces are not accepted in a debate, only fact based accredited articles.
That's it.
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