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Debating a Lib
« on: December 25, 2018, 02:37:42 PM »
Thought I throw this here, since it's a throw away post anyway.
I was on Disquss posting about the campfire fire, when some moron thought he was smarter than everyone else and challenged me.
Yes, this is what I do on a regular basis when not on the forum, this is my break period. I know a lot of you do this as well, so feel free to add your ass kicking sessions as well. :biggrin:

Here, I was complimenting someone that posted about having to hire security to log, when an idiot replied to me.  SF • 8 hours ago
Good post. Your father and I share a similar history. I was patrolling the ElDorado forest during that time, and all the logging Co's had to hire security to keep the freaks away.


gizmo23 • 7 hours ago
Logging has very little to do with fire prevention  gizmo23 • 6 hours ago
Shut Up Moron! I live in the Sierra, fought fires 30 years ago, even though I've cleared my land of slash and fall, the national forest 300' away is the real threat since the grounds are covered in manzanita and fall from trees.

gizmo23 • 6 hours ago
So go clean it. I live in Colorado. No one will stop you from clearing undergrowth or beetle kill.
My neighbor does no fire mitigation. Should the government force him?  gizmo23 • 5 hours ago
BULL!!! There are laws in place that stop you from cutting/clearing USFS land without a permit, and to get a permit is next to impossible, think "years" after having gone to court.
I know, my neighbor lost, and after three years, the Ponderosa pine fell on his house anyway.
Keep in mind, this is Ca, not just any state.
Your neighbor is an idiot, and it sounds like you two deserve one another.
But you and I both know you're lying.

gizmo23 • 5 hours ago
I get a permit every year to cut firewood. Costs 20 dollars for 2 cords at a time. Beetle kill trees. There is no sales tax on products made from from it  gizmo23 • 5 hours ago
Yes, you can get a permit, but only after the USFS has done the initial dropping of dead trees, no, you are not allowed to go into the forest and simply drop a dead tree.
They have rules in place that protect trees, "Dead trees could provide animal habitat."
I know more about this than you can google in a year.

gizmo23 • 4 hours ago
You are ignorant of what we do here. I select the dead trees to cut down. A few are marked to remain but 99 percent aren't.  gizmo23 • 4 hours ago
You're a liar! I know the regs where the USFS is concerned, and only they mark the trees first, then they drop them, then allow you to buy a ticket for a cord of wood already on the ground.
Everyone here knows you're lying, because insurance prohibits you from doing the falling and possibly killing someone else cutting already downed trees..


gizmo23 • 3 hours ago
They don't stop me  gizmo23 • 2 hours ago
So, you admit you lied, when in fact, you're breaking the law.


gizmo23 • an hour ago
Believe what you wish, bye  gizmo23 • an hour ago
Your words gave you away. I'll remember you in the future as a liar. I suggest you avoid replying to me in the future.
I have no use for liars.


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