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Last Book Read
« on: October 21, 2015, 12:17:08 AM »
I Owe Russia $1200, by Bob Hope...  An enjoyably quippy summation of Hope's USO-tours from '57 to '62-ish... with diary-like accounts of his movie-making adventures in Europe.  -Specifically, Paris Holiday.  That's when he became determined to do a USO-type show in Moscow, while filming a documentary about entertainment behind the Iron Curtain.  He presents it in a wonderfully snappy, first-person style. It's not ghostwritten.  It's him. 

The Peoples Ministry Of Entertainment charged Hope $1200 for 'free' access to the stars they allowed him to interview and mingle-with.   

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Re: Last Book Read
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2016, 07:15:29 AM »
That sounds like a great book kit! I'm going to check it out! Hope was an amazing person.
He once had a brush with the mercy of Almighty God in the form of an incident with a fellow I had the great pleasure of knowing personally. Barney McNulty was Hope's cue-card guy - he basically started the business of writing out cue cards back in the early days of Hollywood so stars didn't have to remember all of their lines - especially during live shows. Barney travelled with Hope's USO troop but he had a bad habit - he was always late. Always. Between shows, Barney liked to take a bunch of his cameras, grab a cab or borrowed a military jeep in whatever exotic country / city they were in overseas and go sight-seeing (and drinking). Barney was a one-man US good-will ambassador - infinitely trusting / friendly with everyone he'd meet and always finding a way to communicate even when he didn't speak the local language (money is great facilitator for understandings). Inevitably whenever the troop was packed up and ready to board a plane, boat or train to go to their next destination, Barney would be late returning to base. It became a major pet peeve of Hope's because it was a regular thing - Barney was ALWAYS late, regardless of how strongly he was cajoled, pleaded with or threatened.

While the USO tour was in Viet Nam, the entourage was on a military base - everything was packed up and ready to board a military transport to fly to the next stop - and as usual Barney was nowhere to be seen and his job was so essential to the show that they could not leave without him. Hope was reportedly livid. He railed and cursed and swore that this time he was going to fire Barney the first chance he got when he returned to the states and would never work with him again. They had been waiting for at least a half hour when a thundering boom was heard in the distance and everyone nervously turned in the direction of the sound, murmuring with curiosity and many of the military escorts immediately communicated with their radios and left in a hurry. Eventually the military liaison came up and explained that a large terrorist bomb had just gone off across the compound. He further revealed that it had been placed in the staging area where Hope's entourage had been scheduled to be at that very time. If they had been on schedule...many of them would likely be dead. A few minutes later Barney came roaring in through the gate, hustled up with all of his gear shouting how he was ready to go, chattering with the usual apologies / excuses and no doubt expecting to be  lambasted. Hope greeted him personally, grabbed him, hugged him and announced for everyone to hear, "Barney can be as late as he wants, whenever he wants from now on!"

And he was. 
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Re: Last Book Read
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2017, 06:31:41 PM »
My latest read is a western by Ralph Compton..."Phantom Hill"

One of my all-time favorite western authors is Charles G West.
I believe that I've read all of his stories. Some start out a little slow but, none of them have disappointed me yet.  :thumbsup:

My favorite story from Charles G West is "Stone Hand" 
The plot just kept coming at me like crazy...

There's something about westerns that are simple and relaxing reads.
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Re: Last Book Read
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2017, 10:29:59 PM »
My latest is called "To Kingdom Come: An Epic of Survival in the Air War Over Germany," by Robert J. Mrazek. It's an incredibly detailed and researched book-length accounting of a single daylight bombing mission that took place on September 6, 1943 over Stuttgart, Germany. The story is told with heart and feeling, loaded with personal detail and amazing technical accuracy. The story is one of those that will change the way you think about life and death and war and good and evil and power and weakness. It is a story of heroism and tragedy and carnage and stupidity and luck, both good and bad.

My dad served in World War II, as a Seaman 1C on a Fletcher-class tin can in the South Pacific. He and around 300 shipmates celebrated his 18th birthday 8,000 miles from home, while a million or so Japanese were using every tool at their disposal to kill them all.

Until I die, I will always wonder how those boys -- and they were boys -- did what they did.
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