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Kent: the private sector Superman
« on: October 11, 2015, 06:44:45 PM »
You all have to check this out.

Imagine someone with all the powers of Superman. But instead of fighting super criminals, rescuing helpless cats in trees, etc, he uses his powers to make money. He employs his super strength, super speed, ability to fly, etc to do herculean tasks for money. A private jet crashes at a private airport? He undercuts a major mover by $90,000. Disney wants a hotel removed off the property in a day. He gets $100,000, does it inside of four hours and saves Disney about a half a million.

Here's a guy who has it made, has a highrise office in downtown Orlando. And just like that, another superhuman being from his past comes to bite him in the ass.

The book is Kent. It is a Kindle book on sale at Amazon. It is unbelievably intense. It has action like you wouldn't believe. It is a fast read. With no major publisher, it's just an orphan out there at $3.99 a pop, just looking for an audience.

I finished it in two days.

Here is the link:

I think you'll love it.


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