Author Topic: Allen Drury books back in print, starting with ADVISE AND CONSENT and two others  (Read 2378 times)

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The works of the most famous conservative novelist in American history are coming back into print.  Most people know ADVISE AND CONSENT, one of the best selling books of all time.  At least, most people know it from the all-star movie. 

Two other Drury novels have also been republished: DECISION, which is about a Supreme Court Justice whose life unravels when a terrorist bomb leaves his daughter in coma.  He ends up being the deciding vote in the case against the terrorist, and so cannot recuse himself.  MARK COFFIN, USS is the story of an idealistic but dangerously naive and egotistical Senator who "takes on the system" and pays a terrible price.

I am one of Allen Drury's nephews, and so I don't fee comfortable going beyond this simple announcement; that would wander into advertising.  The books can be found in the usual sites.  Although ADVISE AND CONSENT is Al's most famous book, I personally like DECISION. 

We hear all the time about younger people who found Al's books in their grandmother's attics, but the only copies they could get were ratty used ones from online sellers.  This situation has changed.

Kenneth Killiany


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