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Author Topic: Rant about my god awful country  (Read 231 times)

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Rant about my god awful country
« on: September 29, 2020, 08:39:40 AM »
Ive had it with this place, Im so done with this place. The lack of oppurtunity, the need of a three year degree for everything (Even fixing a car, or cutting hair needs a liscense for people to wanna hire you), the price of a car is insane som you rely on buses. But then the busdrivers just cant be bithered to show up to work because they Are on strike and you have to walk everywhere like a third world country. Im tired of the superiority complex people in this country have and that if you dont think the same as the other marxists you are looked down upon. Im tired of busdrivers being paid almost as much as a nurse. Whats the point of having an education if it doesnt pay off? Im tired of the racist employers only wanting to hire people that are norwegian. Im tired of my country sending all its money abroad, providing  free schooling for everyone in the entire world, but cant even provide school lunches for its children (they dont even have an options to pay for lunches in school). Im tired of every menial Job needing 5 years experience , Im serious to get hired even in a grocery store or as a dishwasher you need experience here. Im tired of foreigners having to go to culture classes teaching that abortion is ok, and that 12 year olds are independant human being that can dress how they want and parents have no say.

But most of all Im tired of facist state workers, you have to toe the line or else... Our barnevern is facist af, not for no reason we have 30 cases in the human rights tribunal. They get on you for everything, my child was bullied and daycare and didnt want to go som the daycare reporter US because they didnt like us to CPS. Now we have to do stupid parenting classes, for no reason at all. And also, these people mentioned "Norway appreciate their children more" (more than Americans). Im so done. Its beyond changing, people living here just accept it and see nothing wrong with what their government does whatsoever.  :sad:


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