Author Topic: Progressivism and the Future of Cultural Marxism  (Read 897 times)

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Progressivism and the Future of Cultural Marxism
« on: October 25, 2014, 05:07:55 AM »
I’m a UK English and social science teacher and I wonder if there is any interest in the type of short explanatory articles I write and/or any debate?

The world is in a continual evolvement, whether good or bad, but it is never static. Whether we like it or not, each generation progresses to something new and the ‘new’ for this generation is a collapse of the previous morality and values that we, the older generation, held dear. Like the final days of the Roman Empire, our civilization is crumbling around our ears, whilst we stand and watch, like the spectators of old in the Roman arena, as the benevolent Emperor throws us bread and we watch the devastation around us and cheer. The lions this time are armies and the slaughtered are countries thrown to the wolves of corporatism.

In the midst of this cultural squalor, we cheer on the ‘rights’ that have been bestowed upon us, the right to ruin ourselves with an abundance of mind altering drugs; the right of others to alter our way of life with foreign cultures . . . We cheer until we ourselves are thrown into the arena and our little world starts to crumble around us and we finally see the truth.

We are creatures of predictability and demand order and routine, with strong leaders and men of character to lead us. What we have, with very few exceptions, are weak willed and corrupt individuals who call themselves an élite, allied with banks and big business. Welfare rights have replaced employment; hero worshiping mentally ill pop-idols is the new religion and the State has replaced the individuality of previous generations as a provider. We design for ourselves little bubbles of virtual reality to keep ourselves sane from the madness around us, aided and abetted by the public media and politicians who assure us that all is well.

We deny the obvious, because the truth would destroy our illusions that tomorrow all will be well. The lies keep us sane, we want to believe, we demand it and the script writers are busily preparing for the next election, when with razzamatazz, balloons and all the trappings of a circus will provide the illusion that ‘Things can only get better’, or we are given, ‘Change you can believe in’. Enter the new political Messiah, on stage with arms outstretched and fresh from the make-up department; millions will wail and weep as s/he smiles condescendingly down at them.

Our War Departments are now ‘Defence Departments’. The Armed Forces are ‘Peacekeepers’ and the police are the new ‘military’. We are now told freedom is no longer supplied to us by those elected to serve us, but has to be fought for and whilst the police militarize against us, we send off our sons and daughters to forcibly police others. We gawk at the newly developed jet fighters costing millions and shrug at those unable to afford basic medical care. We serve the State, our benevolent Emperor like leaders and have forgotten they were elected to serve us. We value and strive for equality, but an equality that dumbs us down to the lowest common denominator. We cheer alternative self-destroying lifestyles in the name of individual rights and freedoms . . . gay rights, illegal alien rights, minority rights, until we eventually find we’re a minority culture ourselves.
This will not end well. All nations evolve, but nations that are forced to change have a habit of failing. Communists now call themselves progressives and seek to disguise this as Democrats. The banks own the individual; the corporations own the wealth and the media bombard the populations with daily 24/7 propaganda. The elite politicians are the smiling faces that make the people vote for it all. The nightmare has already begun, but deep inside their protective bubbles, few are able to see it. The so called freedoms you now enjoy are on loan to you, but not for your children. The biggest weapons of mass destruction are not in any Middle Eastern country, but are sitting in the corridors of power across the western world

It was Nietzsche who once remarked, "If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." Gazing back at western civilization from the abyss is Marxism.

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Re: Progressivism and the Future of Cultural Marxism
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2014, 04:27:43 AM »
      Very interesting, Observer. I will re post the Origins of Marxism, with your permission, in one of my hangouts. Thanks for following up the suggestion and isolating your work. I also suggest as a trial to keep the posts in a single thread so that readers can simply visit that thread as new comments or articles are posted. After a couple of dozen posts, the threads do become unwieldy,
time to start a new one.
      Well, whatever you are comfortable with. The topics addressed in these two posts are highest priority. Looking forward to more.  Then, of course, comes the suggested action.


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