Author Topic: Do we really need google to tell us this....  (Read 874 times)

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Do we really need google to tell us this....
« on: February 18, 2015, 02:23:26 AM »
Today (when I logged on) I see it is the birth date of the inventor of the "volt". Allesandro Volta. The reason we have the word "volt" in our lexicon was paying homage to this mans contribution to science.

This is something we should be teaching kids in science/history class. Not something we need for google to remind everyone about. (especially given their liberal take on everything. IE: see intentional "monkeying" around too show liberal websites before conservative even though conservative sites get more hits etc...) Which it should be noted as a privately owned website is their (Google's) choice to do. Just something that's hidden from lots of their users, who think that their results, are in fact conservative sites. Until they actually have visited the site, and say donated to them etc...which is why I asked the question, is "remy" truly a conservative in his political views or not?....just saying in a day and age where we can't trust that google is simply showing us the sites with the most hit counts, is really skewing those results for pro-lib activites, ya got to ask those kinds of questions... :popcorn:

One of every five Americans you meet has a mental illness of some sort. Many, many, of our veteran's suffer from mental illness like PTSD now also. Help if ya can. :)
And no you won't find my "story" there. They don't allow science fiction. :)


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