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Author Topic: Behind Redding California MLK neighborhood - The New Homeless "Coon Canyon"  (Read 3926 times)

Darth Fife

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Most homeless are veterans of our armed services. Yep sad to say but it's the truth.

Serve this nation and get shit on.

Yes this vet is just a tad bitter.

You know something, you really should actually read the articles you link too, before you start talking about it. It keeps you from making foolish claims like this...

Most homeless are veterans of our armed services.

This is complete and utter bullshit and is refuted on the first page of the website you linked too.

...nearly 13% of the homeless adult population are veterans.

Now, this may be higher math for you, but for something to qualify as "most" it needs to be over 50%.

Also, that site is playing fast and lose with statistics. Note that it is not addressing chronic homelessness, but any vet who has experienced "homelessness" for as little as a single day. Their numbers are inflated to say the least (what do you expect when they are trying to solicit donations!).

Are there homeless Vets, absolutely. But you know something? Helping them continue to break the law by allowing them to occupy land that does not belong to them, is not going to get them out of their homelessness. They need real help. The drug abusers and alcoholics need to be in treatment facilities or mental hospitals. The criminals (and yes, some Vets are criminals) need to be in jail.

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