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Author Topic: A Degree From This South Dakota Technical College All But Guarantees You A Job  (Read 4273 times)

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A Degree From This South Dakota Technical College All But Guarantees You A Job

An associate’s degree from a small technical college in South Dakota is proving to be more valuable than a degree from some four-year schools.

On campus at Lake Area Technical Institute, students are operating excavators. Others are working on the engine of a 727 airplane. Future nurses are learning how to draw blood from a patient.

And almost all of them will leave school with a job.

Lake Area Tech has one of the highest job placement rates among community colleges across the nation. About 99% of graduates have jobs or are continuing their education within six months of finishing their program.

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This is practically necro'ing the thread, but a college whose grads know their stuff in necessary field will have companies' recruiters coming to the school to recruit. It was over 40 years ago now, but recruiters came to De Vry Phoenix toward the end of every trimester.

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