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Author Topic: Who Are Conservatives Running Against In 2018?  (Read 1889 times)

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Who Are Conservatives Running Against In 2018?
« on: August 17, 2017, 09:08:43 AM »
It's time to run for office Conservatives!

If you said Dims, you'd be wrong, no, the dim party is no longer a threat of any kind, especially since they've chosen to run with the Marxist platform of hate.
As evidence, I give you real numbers.
RNC has $45 million in the bank, while the DNC has maybe 4.5 million just under $7.5 million, along with $3 million in debt.
So no, we really don't have to focus on Dims, but we still have to ignore the leftist rhetoric of their media, but that aside, let us focus on the Establishment cancer in the GOP, rooted in the RNC, the real enemy of the majority.

As the election season gets under way, let's recognise the real season, RINO hunting.

What we can expect from the RNC is a tactic they've successfully used over the decades, 'pay a bunch of loser RINO to run for office', flood the field so as to drown out the voice of the lone TEA/Conservative until they no longer have the funds to participate. (warning, the LSM will be helping the Establishment elect an RINO)

Here's a tip for any Conservative considering office, bide your time, enter at the last minute, don't tip off the Establishment Marxists of your plans, quietly do door to door, grassroots campaigning, this actually works, I watched a young Robert Matsui run for office doing this very thing back in (ln the 60s?? been too long), but he went on to win the election in a surprise showing of Republican voters supporting him, and he actually kept his campaign promises.

Though, I digress. Let the RNC spin their wheels as the losers they backed begin to fall out, just as planned.
Be the silent candidate, don't let them see you as a real threat, let them think you're weak, and they won't see you as a threat to attack.
When the time is right, make your move, seize the front runner spot as the field drops to just a couple of real losers, forcing a runoff between you and the Marxist Pub pick, you are certain to win if you keep hammering your opponent as an Establishment whore.

Let's be honest, the RNC has the money to drown out our voice, but they haven't the ability to squelch us entirely, so bide your time till you have a solid lock on the podium and can get your message out, your grassroots following will push you over the top in no time.
Hell, you really don't even need to produce a plan other than the opposite of what a RINO wants, just stand your Conservative grounds, speak strong and short, let the people see unwavering Conservative ideals, they will happily back a candidate with strong beliefs, so let them show through.
Expose your opponent for the RNC lackey they really are, because the constituency is sick to death of leftists in the GOP.

Compare them to traitors like Snowe, Graham, McStain, how they promised the world, then did a complete reversal once elected.
It's important to compare your opponent to these leftists and make it stick, force them to prove a negative, at the same time, find a skeleton in their closet, everyone has them, most likely their voting record or charity list, gatherings they attended, this will link them back to the Establishment money whores, crony capitalists.

Point is, they are the ones on the defensive this election and they know it, so use this strength to your favor and pound home the fact that this nation is sick to death of these people and you are the Conservative alternative.

If I had the stomach I'd run, but to be honest I have city-itis, the bigger the city, the sicker I get, and DC would definitely be a death sentence.

I'll leave it here for others to add advice because this site has a wealth of knowledge its members have gleaned over the decades, and if you're a true Conservative, we'll gladly test your strength and expose your vulnerabilities before you reach the podium.
You will remain anonymous to the web, but the staff will have to vet your credibility/honesty before the forum backs your candidacy.
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