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House Freedom Caucus
« on: August 12, 2016, 08:44:56 PM »
Maybe the House Freedom Caucus would be
a good list of desirable candidates
(at least for re-election).

Members of the House Freedom Caucus as of June 2016 include:

Jim Jordan           of Ohio, Chair
Justin Amash       of Michigan
Brian Babin         of Texas
Rod Blum            of Iowa
Dave Brat            of Virginia
Jim Bridenstine    of Oklahoma
Mo Brooks           of Alabama
Ken Buck             of Colorado
Curt Clawson        of Florida
Warren Davidson  of Ohio
Ron DeSantis        of Florida
Scott DesJarlais    of Tennessee
Jeff Duncan          of South Carolina
John Fleming        of Louisiana
Trent Franks         of Arizona
Scott Garrett        of New Jersey
Louie Gohmert      of Texas
Paul Gosar            of Arizona
Morgan Griffith      of Virginia
Andy Harris           of Maryland
Jody Hice              of Georgia
Walter Jones         of North Carolina
Steve King            of Iowa
Raúl Labrador       of Idaho
Barry Loudermilk   of Georgia
Cynthia Lummis     of Wyoming
Mark Meadows       of North Carolina
Alex Mooney          of West Virginia
Mick Mulvaney       of South Carolina
Gary Palmer          of Alabama
Steve Pearce         of New Mexico
Scott Perry            of Pennsylvania
Ted Poe                of Texas
Bill Posey              of Florida
Keith Rothfus        of Pennsylvania
Matt Salmon         of Arizona
Mark Sanford        of South Carolina
David Schweikert   of Arizona
Marlin Stutzman    of Indiana
Randy Weber        of Texas
Ted Yoho              of Florida

Former members[edit]

Tom McClintock     of California – Resigned from the caucus on September 16, 2015
Reid Ribble            of Wisconsin – Resigned from the caucus on October 9, 2015

See also[edit]

Blue Dog Coalition
Factions in the Republican Party (United States)
Liberty Caucus
Republican Main Street Partnership
Tea Party Caucus
The Tuesday Group

Here's a map showing the districts each of the above represents:

The map is not completely up to date (as of this posting.)
It doesn't show Warren Davidson's district,
which is just to the southwest of Jim Jordan's district,
which is shown.

Warren Davidson is the replacement for John Boehner.
Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
-- Barry Goldwater


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